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Generally we like to let our products speak for themselves, but here are some of the many nice things that people tell us about our products!



Jenny Hall BE, Olympic team vet

Heather Moffett, Enlightened Equitation

Patrick Print FBHS, Chairman of the BHS

Kelly Marks, Intelligent Horsemanship

Lucinda Mcalpine, Grand Prix Dressage & natural horse management pioneer

Marcus Wehrle DipWCF, Farrier



Other happy customers



“I have found Red Horse Products extremely effective. Hoof-Stuff especially is the best thing I have found for deep central sulcus (frog cracks).Sole Cleanse is brilliant for treating thrush whilst aiding healthy tissue re-growth”

Jenny Hall BE, Olympic team vet

“I have found Red Horse Products all to be excellent. With Field Paste clearing up persistent thrush in the case of one stallion despite our scrupulous management. HoneyHeal has proven to be a fantastic wound cream”

Heather Moffett, Enlightened Equitation


“I am very impressed with the Red Horse Products I’ve used so far – particularly the HoneyHeal cream. I like the fact they are natural preparations which are easy to apply and not too messy”

Patrick Print OBE FBHS, Former Chairman of the BHS



“These products are simple and easy to use. Their effectiveness makes them extremely good value. It’s great to know that the products are non-toxic too”

Kelly Marks, Intelligent Horsemanship.



“We have had fantastic results with HoneyHeal on horses with allergic reactions to buttercups – which resolved in just two applications. We are very impressed with these excellent products”

Lucinda Mcalpine, Grand Prix Dressage & natural horse management pioneer.



“Good effective natural products that are great to have in the tool box to help maintain the hoof health and protect from the changing daily environmental stresses. Cleaning and plugging with residual properties to aid healing & rejuvenation”

Marcus Wehrle DipWCF, Farrier.



“Artimud is a fantastic tool for plugging any holes in the white line, seedy toe, and other cavities.I seem to use it on everything!”

Tim Mockford DAEP MIAEP AEP Licensed Instructor



“Field Paste is fantastic, easy to use and really works, I would recommend it to anyone!”

Alex Gallagher, Kent.


“My horse is prone to thrush and white line disease. For peace of mind I ensure I have Arti Mud and Hoof-Stuff to keep these problems under control.”

Jan W, Oban.


“I was really pleased with the Sole Paint I trialed. I have used it throughout the summer and will be placing another order. My horses feet now look like other horses feet!”

Jane James, East Sussex.


“I have tried many other products to help with white line disease and thrush, but nothing has worked like yours”

Heather Craig, Isle of Kerrera.


“Just want to say I LOVE your products. As a Medical Herbalist and Equine Podiatrist myself I think they are the best I have come across for natural(ness) and value”

Ruth Levy-So DAEP, Devon.


“Hoof-Stuff works like a bomb. I’ve tried ‘everything’ on my horse’s deep central sulcus infection, but Hoof-Stuff cleared it up in a few weeks. And it’s not like I applied it every day, maybe once or maximum twice a week. This horse has now got a frog again! I recommend your products to everyone”

Jon Hongve DAEP, South Africa.


“In the last 6 years I have used many different creams and sprays for the treatment of mud-fever. I have used HoneyHeal on three horses recently and found it very effective and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Samantha Rance EBW BHSIntSM, Oxon.


“Hoof-Stuff eradicated my horse’s deep cental sulcus infection in all 4 feet in just 4 weeks. Amazing Stuff!”

Sam Newland EET, Cambs.


“I have been having great results with your hoofstuff and artimud with infection and closing up the deep central sulcus’ as well as keeping cracks clean. I’ve not seen something work this well and this quickly…providing the clients are using the product as prescribed!”

Jessica Goonan, USA