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So you ask the question:


Why should I buy Red Horse Products rather than those of a larger company or someone else?

The answer is that we pride ourselves in producing products that are original and effective. As a small company we have a lot of control over how concentrated we make our products – so we generally go for the maximum concentration that will have a benefit to effectiveness!
We dont spend fortunes on marketing, instead we invest that money in spending more on┬ámaking each pot of product then marketing driven companies would – hence we can easily make better, more effective products at the same price or less! The products work brilliantly so word-of-mouth has become our marketing machine!
For instance if you look at our Red Zone Natural fly spray it has 10 times the amount of Citriodiol (PMD) then most fly sprays made by larger companies, which cost the same amount.
So we spend less on advertising, more on products, meaning we produce great products that work and settle for our growth to be limited by word of mouth (which right now is not very limited at all!)