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Red Horse Products Muscle Support


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Red Horse Muscle Support is a supernutrient rich feed supplement to assist in the development of strong, healthy muscle in horses.

Spirulina is rich in amino acids that are essential for the development of muscle. We fortify it with additional amino acids targeted at muscle growth.

Whey and linseed provide additional protein to assist growth and development.

Fatty acids in linseed and spirulina provide slow release energy for movement and growth. Linseed also helps provide a nutritious base for the formula, improving palatability and binding other ingredients to prevent dustiness.

Creatine and agmatine help improve muscle strength and stamina, allowing horses to work harder for longer.Both grapeseed extract and agmatine are thought to improve stamina and growth by improving circulation

to muscles.NOTE: no protein supplement wiill produce muscle development if energy in the horses diet and correct training are lacking. Consult a nutritionalist if you are unsure.

We suggest feeding Muscle Support with your horses main feeds, spread over as many meals as possible. Mix in really well and introduce gradually if you have a fussy eater.

Maintain 35g  23 days
Building  53g 15 days


Needless to say this is a guide only and you can feed more or less if you wish.
These amounts are to achieve the 'best' balance of results and economy and you are unlikely to find another supplement with a higher concentration of quality ingredients - even at a higher price.                  


We use top quality ingredients, at high concentrations and don't add anything nasty like sugars, glucose or cereal waste.

Spirulina 23.17g  43.71 Contains amino and fatty acids
Micronised linseed 6.66g 12.56 Fatty acids to fuel growth
Kelp powder 6.66g 12.56 Protein and mineral rich, appetite enhancer 
Whey protein (95%)    3.20g 6.03 Proteins to fuel muscle growth
Creatine monohydrate 2.66g 5.02 Amino acids, increases strength
L-lysine 2.66g 5.02 Amino acid for muscle growth
Leucine 1.60g 3.01 Amino acid for muscle growth
Methionine 1.07g 2.01 Amino acid for muscle growth
Acetyl l-cartinine 1.07g 2.01 Amino acid for muscle growth
Agmatine sulphate 0.80g 1.51 Musclular strength and stamina
Valine 0.80g 1.51 Amino acid for muscle growth
Isoleucine 0.80g 1.51 Amino acid for muscle growth
Arginine 0.53g 1.00 Amino acid for muscle growth
Gamma oryzonol 0.53g 1.00 Improves muscular strength
Vitamin C 0.40g 0.75 Antioxidant
Grapeseed extract 0.27g 0.50 Improves circulation to muscles
Vitamin E 0.14g 0.26 Assists muscular health and strength
Selenium 0.21mg 0.0004 Supports normal muscle function

For comparison 1g = 1000mg
1% = 10g/ kg     

Muscle Support does not contain any ingredients NOT shown in the above table.