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Winter Care Kit


I always have an open bottle Sole Cleanse to hand in my van to treat some feet whilst I’m removing shoes and trimming. I find even just one application can start to make a huge difference to the disinfection of feet and cleaning white line disease and seedy toe at this time in particular whilst the hoof is at its cleanest.

Dan Stern Dip.W.C.F. LS-HMC CBT CFP CLS (Farrier)

Red Horse, Hoof-Stuff is by far the best hoof product I have ever used. My farrier introduced me to this product and now it is all I will use. Even on the deepest central sulcus cracks, it has worked wonders, quickly. I would recommend it to anyone struggling with central sulcus cracks. It has proven to work time and time again on different horses.

Robin Furnas, Furnas Show Horses, USA
Jenny Hall

Sole Cleanse is brilliant for treating hoof infections whilst aiding healthy tissue re-growth

Jenny Hall BE, Veterinary Services Coordinator, London 2012

Good, effective products that are great to have in the tool box to help maintain hoof health and protect from changing daily environmental stresses. Cleaning and plugging with residual properties to aid healing and rejuvenation.

Marcus Wehrle DipWCF, Farrier

Artimud is a fantastic tool for plugging any holes in the white line, seedy toe, and other cavities.I seem to use it on everything!

Tim Mockford DAEP MIAEP AEP Licensed Instructor

If you need great products and great customer service Red Horse Products comes highly recommended from me


I use your products on my problem horses religiously!! I have clients now that are ordering Artimud & Hoof-Stuff straight from you. Everyone has been totally satisfied.

Mary Moreau, HBR Hoof Care PHCP Student Practitioner, Louisiana

Why use Hoof Care products?

Our Hoof Care range is valued by vets, farriers, podiatrists and horse owners worldwide. We listen carefully to our customers and work hard to develop solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. The high-quality, naturally occurring, powerful ingredients in our products are gentler and more environmentally friendly than the tars, solvents and harsh chemicals that are commonly used to treat hoof issues.

We are so convinced that you will be impressed by our products that we will give you your money back if you are not completely satisfied.