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If you have any questions, feedback or comments please get in touch with us through one of the methods listed below. Please remember that we are not vets so we cannot advise on the treatment of any veterinary issues such as thrush, sweet itch or mud fever and we cannot prescribe products for them. However we can let you know which product may be best suited to your horses needs for general hygiene, health or for mechanical issues like hoof cracks.

If you ever need us to talk to your vet or farrier to explain the properties of our products so they can decide if they are useful to support the health of your horse then we are happy to do so by email or phone.

Don’t forget  you may find answers to any questions you have on our FAQs Page or on the FAQs section of individual products.

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    Customer Services

    0808 164 0723

    Lines are open for you to leave a message or make an order all day, every day. Hours for dispatch and product enquiries varies according to availability of personnel.