Q&A about Red Horse Products

Please take a look below for our frequently asked questions at Red Horse Products. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for we’d love to help, please contact us.

Why should I choose Red Horse Products?

Our products are made to the highest specifications, those we insist on for our own horses. They are made without compromise and if you are not happy with them in any way we will refund you the cost of the product. 1000’s of satisfied customers love our products and our global success speaks for itself.

What if they don’t work?

We appreciate that no one product will work for every horse, but we like you to pay for results not just products. So if you are not happy with any of our products in any way please get in touch, we will either organise a refund or a replacement. If you have purchased through a supplier please still get in touch and we will try and sort things out!

Are your products natural?

Where a natural ingredient is the best one for the job we will use it, especially as they are often multi-functional. For example honey is antimicrobial and adds an excellent consistency to creams and pastes. However where a synthetic ingredient is better or safer then we will use that Saltidin, for example, is an excellent, safe insect repellent with superb skin conditioning qualities and with none of the allergenic issues associated with some natural repellents.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Most of our products last for years, we don’t use anything that breaks down into dangerous chemicals or is prone to growing bacteria. Generally if your products consistency has remained correct then it is suitable for use.

Do I need to worry about allergies?

With any product containing natural oils you need to be careful about allergic reactions. On the hoof there is little concern as the tissue is not reactive. However anything that goes on the skin is best to spot test first to check your horse is not sensitive to it. HoneyHeel contains no essential oils so is extremely unlikely to trigger sensitivity.

Can you advise me what product to use on a veterinary condition?

No, for issues like thrush, mud fever, sweet itch etc. you need to talk to your vet. It is against the law for anyone who is not a vet or suitable qualified professional to prescribe products for your horse. If you want us to speak to your vet or farrier we can tell them about the properties of our products and they can advise you if it is appropriate to use them on your horse.

How do I buy your products?

We can deliver to anywhere from our base in the South of England if order on our website. Alternatively have a look at our stockists page and see if any one sells our products locally to you.

How much will shipping cost?

Cost of shipping depends on how much your order weighs, where you are and which service you use. You will be given a number of options and prices at checkout, just choose which works best for you! For small, single items Royal Mail 2nd class is the cheapest option.

How long do orders take to be sent?

Although we don’t guarantee it (in case of sickness or emergency in our small office) we try and get all orders received before 11am sent the same day. We keep high stock levels so it is very unusual to have to wait for stock to be produced.

Can I buy your products in my country?

We have stockists in many countries now, but if we don’t have one where you are we can usually send directly to you via our website. Pop over to our stockist page and see if we have anyone selling our products near you.

How can I get your products for free?

If you have a good, visual case study that you can take before and after pictures of then we can reimburse the cost of your products. Make sure you take good, clear pictures and keep some notes of how our products help your horse. If they make a good case study we will refund you the cost of your products and postage.

Are your products legal under FEI, BD, BE and BS rules?

We check the prohibited substances list on a regular basis to check we are compliant. None of our ingredients are on any of the prohibited substances lists.

Our topical substances do not penetrate the skin/ hoof enough to get into the blood supply so even if they did contain controlled substances they would not be absorbed enough to cause concern if horses were to have blood or urine tested.