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Hoof disinfectant spray

Sole Cleanse spray disinfects the frog and sole to reduce and prevent foul odour and blackening.

Its active ingredients destroy bacterial and fungal microbes and help healthy tissue to grow.

Sole Cleanse can be used to flush cracks in the white line, frog and other crevices in the horse’s foot prior to packing them with Artimud or Hoof-Stuff.

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The simple ingredients in Sole Cleanse have been chosen for their effective cleansing properties.

zinc sulphate

Zinc sulphate

A powerful, non-caustic, antifungal agent.

eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil

A highly effective antifungal and antibacterial essential oil that helps to toughen weakened structures.

Natural Preservative

Natural surfactant

To maintain product consistency.


Spencer 1 Spencer 2 Spencer 3

‘Spencer’ a 10 year old ex-racehorse, in  Australia, was purchased with very contracted heels, associated deep central sulcus cracks and widespread hoof infection.

After transitioning to barefoot and having improved diet and environment his hooves improved but white line deterioration at the toe and a deep central sulcus crack still caused him to show signs of discomfort.

His owner started flushing the hooves with Sole Cleanse on a daily basis and packing the sulcus with Hoof Stuff followed by Artimud as the cracks grew out.

Signs of infection abated and the sulcus crack closed. The frog expanded and ‘fattened’ up to become a more healthy size and shape. White line damage at the toe decreased significantly and continues to do so. Sole density and hardness also returned to healthy levels.

“The difference is amazing. He’s now landing toe first and has beautiful, fat, healthy frogs for the first time in 4 years. Thanks again for such brilliant products.”



‘Blitz’ is a 6-yo Mérens horse.

He has been barefoot all of his life.  He has had multiple hoof issues since December 2016, and had an episode of laminitis in May 2017.  Due to very thin soles, Blitz wears boots and pads 12 hours a day during turnout.  To stop his feet from getting soft, discoloured and smelling bad Sole Cleanse was used on a regular basis. This was done  by spraying a little into each boot and under the pads, especially when they have got wet.

The customer selected  Sole Cleanse because it is safe to use on feet, she knew that it would not be harmful, unlike other, chemical based, disinfectants could be.

“I know that by using Sole Cleanse regularly, it is making Blitz’s hoof rehab easier, healthier and less stressful than it could have been.”

Is Sole Cleanse suitable for wounds?

We do not recommend using Sole Cleanse in wounds or on the skin as it may sting.

Can I use Sole Cleanse for flushing deeper cavities in the foot?

Yes, but if the horse shows and adverse reaction use something gentler i.e. saline solution.

Should I use Sole Paint, Field Paste or Sole Cleanse?

Have a look at the table below for help on this, if you still cannot decide then email us!

Shake before each use. Ensure feet are picked out and clean prior to application. Apply daily to problem areas as long as required. Apply weekly as a preventative measure.