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Branded Jute Bag


Ear Balm

From: $10.85


From: $17.55

Lavender & Mandarin Hand Cream

From: $18.18

Lip Balm

From: $6.05

Myrtle Hand Wash

From: $8.29

Orange & Cinnamon Hand Cream

From: $18.18


Red Zone

From: $9.57


RZ Summer Spray

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From: $49.13

Sweet Oil

From: $22.33

Patrick Print

“I am very impressed with the Red Horse Products I’ve used so far – particularly the HoneyHeel cream. I like the fact they are natural preparations which are easy to apply and not too messy.”

Patrick Print FBHS, Former Chairman of the BHS

The Ear Balm is amazing, the best product ever! And although not a ‘fly repellent’ it’s the best I’ve used for flies. I watch the flies fly up to my horse then fly straight away again without even landing in him.

Astrid Bunker

Everyone claims their product has a cure for eliminating the attack of midges and associated problems, so I was not that optimistic that Red Zone would be any different. Well, it has proven to be the best product I’ve ever used especially on sensitive skin.

Lindsay Cotterell DAEP

Why use Skin Care products?

Our Skin Care range is valued by vets, farriers, podiatrists and horse owners worldwide. We listen carefully to our customers and work hard to develop solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. The high-quality ingredients in our products are gentle, effective and easy to use.

We are so convinced that you will be impressed by our products that we will give you your money back if you are not completely satisfied.