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Joint Support

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Joint supplement for horses

Red Horse Joint Support contains top-quality nutrients in high concentrations to help protect horses’ joints and keep them comfortable.

We have improved the 2018 formula by increasing the amount of Hyaluronic Acid a great deal and removing l-glutamine from the formulation.

Glucosamine, which is known for its regenerative effect on joints, is combined with chondroitin sulphate at an ideal ratio (2 parts glucosamine to 1 part chondroitin sulphate). Concentrated boswelia extract and MSM are included to help increase joint comfort and help your horse move freely and smoothly. Joint Support also contains hylauronic acid and additional vitamins, minerals and plant extracts to offer a broad spectrum of protection and care.

We believe Joint Support to be the most concentrated yet affordable chondroitin and glucosamine joint support product available.

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Joint Support contains premium ingredients at high concentrations. No unnecessary fillers have been added.

Glucosamine Sulphate: 40%, 400g/kg, 10g/25g
MSM: 20%, 200g/kg, 5g/25g
Chondroitin sulphate: 20%, 200g/kg, 5g/25g
Avocado soy unsaponifiables: 6%, 60g/kg, 1.5g/25g
Ascorbic acid: 5%, 50g/kg, 1.3g/25g
Boswelia extract: 4%, 40g/kg, 1g/25g
Glycine: 1%, 6.5g/kg, 0.25/25g
Glucauronic acid: 0.5%, 5g/kg, 0.13g/25g
Proline: 0.4%, 4g/kg, 0.1g/25g
Hylauronic acid: 0.65%, 6.5g/kg, 0.16g/25g
Glutamic acid: 0.3%, 3g/kg, 0.08g/25g
Bamboo silica: 0.5%, 5g/kg, 0.13g/25g

L glutamine has been removed from our formulation due to regulatory requirements and has been replaced by increase levels of Hyaluronic Acid.

19 Year Old Shetland

Anna Livarinen

This 19 Year old barefoot Shetland pony, used for driving in Finland had marked stiffness and pain in both hocks.

Other joint supplments had been used with little success including Arthroflex+ on a vet’s reccomendation.

The pony was switched onto Red Horse Joint Support at a rate of 10g per day, she has now been on it over 2 years.

The hocks seem much better with the pony showing better, more active and energised movement. After ‘a few’ days for it to take effect fewer problems with the hocks were observed and work levels were able to be increased.

“I would totally recommend Joint Support for all ponies/horses that have joint problems, it clearly helps.”

Provided by Anna Livarinen

17 Year Old Trec Horse

My horse has arthritic changes in hocks and fetlocks behind. I have tried a range of supplements to try and increase mobility expensive ones and cheaper ones. I thought he was going to have to retire at 17 as the only way I could keep him even partially sound was on Bute.

I started feeding this around a year ago and can not believe the difference. He has been off Bute for almost a year, remained sound, increased work even getting out to compete at his beloved Trec again. And in the last few months I have even felt able to start schooling him properly again.

The product contains the nutritional bits for good joint support and boswellia as an anti inflammatory. It seems to have a very high spec for a good price.

Provided By Sarah Wynn on FaceBook

We suggest adding Joint Support to your horses daily feed at the following rates. We recommend using the optimum amount for at least 2 weeks and then reducing to maintenance unless joints are compromised.

Weight upto 300kg: feed 20g per day or 2 scoops, 1kg will last 50 days
300-600kg: feed 25g per day or 2.5 scoops, 1kg will last 40 days
Over 600kg: feed 30g per day or 3 scoops, 1kg will last 33 days

Weight upto 300kg: feed 10g per day or 1 scoop, 1kg will last 100 days
300-600kg: feed 12.5g per day or 1.25 scoops, 1kg will last 80 days
Over 600kg: feed 15g per day or 1.5 scoops, 1kg will last 66 days

Committed to using the most natural ingredients possible

Since we started Red Horse back in 2006, we’ve been committed to using the most natural ingredients possible, ingredients that are effective and yield great results while still being kind to equine hooves and tissue. This commitment is at the heart of our promise to our customers and is a core part of the brand and our business.

Because of this, we’ve always made a point of avoiding the caustic nasties and bulky fillers commonly found in many mass market products and have sought out and selected suppliers to enable us to deliver this promise through our range.

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