Jenny Hall

I have found Red Horse Products extremely effective. Hoof-Stuff especially is the best thing I have found for deep central sulcus (frog cracks).

Jenny Hall MRCVS, Veterinary Services Manager London 2012 Olympics
Daisy Bicking

Artimud is a key part of my daily protocol for combating fungal and bacterial growth in the horse’s foot. I recommend it to all of my clients.

Daisy Bicking APF. CFGP, Farrier, Daisy Haven Farm Inc. USA
Heather Moffett

I have found Red Horse Products all to be excellent. With Field Paste clearing up persistent foot odour in the case of one stallion despite our scrupulous management. HoneyHeel has proven to be a fantastic wound cream.

Heather Moffett, Enlightened Equitation

I use and carry the Red Horse Products in my day to day work. I have used many different products and home remedies over the years and nothing works as well as these products to combat foot odour and white line crevices. I don’t sell products in my practice. After moving to Tennessee, and using the products here, I had such a demand for them, I am now selling them from my truck. The Hoof-Stuff and Artimud are second to none

Dan Schroeder. Certified Lameness Specialist, Tennessee, USA
Lucinda McAlpine

We have had fantastic results with HoneyHeel on horses with allergic reactions to buttercups – which resolved in just two applications. We are very impressed with these excellent products.

Lucinda Mcalpine. Grand Prix Dressage Rider and Natural Horse Management Pioneer
Patrick Print

I am very impressed with the Red Horse Products I’ve used so far – particularly the HoneyHeel cream. I like the fact they are natural preparations which are easy to apply and not too messy.

Patrick Print OBE FBHS, Former Chairman of the BHS
Tristram Owers

I must say how impressed I have been by your products effectiveness. I have used the HoneyHeel on a variety of skin problems and it seems to soothe and help healing no matter what the cause,  be it a rub or a bite.

Tristram Owers, 4* Event Rider

I cannot recommend Red Horse Products highly enough, I wouldn’t recommend using anything else!

Dan Stern DipWCF LS-HMC CBT CFP CLS, UK Farrier
Sandy Phillips

My team and I have been using Red Horse Products for a few months now. Everything from HoneyHeel, Sweet Oil, Red Zone Super and the Gastric Support work extremely well and we are so pleased with the results. I can’t recommend Red Horse Products enough!

Sandy Phillips, Grand Prix Dressage Rider and FEI 'I' Dressage Judge

I can’t recommend you guys enough! Absolutely love your products.

Chris Eldridge DipWCF, UK Farrier
Kelly Marks

I like these products because they are effective yet do no harm. Sole Paint had done a great job of eliminating any smell and conditioning the boys’ feet.

Kelly Marks, Intelligent Horsemanship

Artimud is a game-changer for keeping feet healthy under pads, casts or clogs in our wet climate

Claire Smith DVM, Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital. USA.

I recommend Red Horse Products to my clients because the products do exactly what they say on the tin and the company provide excellent customer care. In my own business as a farrier I I regularly use there products, almost on a daily basis.