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Muscle supporting supplement for horses

Red Horse Muscle Support is a supernutrient-rich feed supplement to help horses develop strong, healthy muscle.

Muscle Support contains spirulina, which is rich in amino acids that are essential for the development of muscle. The supplement is also fortified with whey and linseed which provide additional protein to assist growth and development. Linseed also helps provide a nutritious base for the formula, improving palatability and binding other ingredients to prevent dustiness.

Creatine and agmatine help improve muscle strength and stamina, allowing horses to work harder for longer. Grapeseed extract and agmatine are thought to improve stamina and growth by improving circulation to muscles.

NOTE: no protein supplement will produce muscle development if energy in the horse’s diet and correct training are lacking. Consult a nutritionalist if you are unsure.

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Muscle Support contains premium ingredients at high concentrations. No unnecessary fillers have been added.

Spirulina (43.71%)
Micronised linseed (12.56%)
Kelp powder (12.56%)
Whey protein (6.03%)
Creatine monohydrate (5.02%)
L-lysine (5.02%)
Leucine (3.01%)
Methionine (2.01%)
Acetyl l-cartinine (2.01%)
Agmatine sulphate (1.51%)
Valine (1.51%)
Isoleucine (1.51%)
Arginine (1.00%)
Gamma oryzonol (1.00%)
Vitamin C (0.75%)
Grapeseed extract (0.50%)
Vitamin E (0.26%)
Selenium (0.0004%)

Van De Man

Van De Man Before Van De Man After

Van De Man is an FEI 1* event horse ridden by Tristram Owers. Although very talented he had always struggled to keep his condition and to recover from the physical and mental demands of eventing. This showed in him finding it hard to become established in his work and achieve consistent results.

For 2 months he had Muscle Support added to his feeds.

His condition improved but he also developed greater stamina and mental and physical toughness. He also showed improved performance and results at CCI* level achieving 5 double clears in a row.

“Since feeding Muscle Support I am positive that he is now ready to step up to Intermediate. I am seriously toying with putting the whole yard on it!” – Tristram Owers

Add Muscle Support to your horse’s main feeds, spread over as many meals as possible. Mix in well and introduce gradually if you have a fussy eater.