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Red Horse Products Joint Support


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Amazing new joint product.... same amazing price! We now truly believe that our Joint Support is the most comprehensive joint supplement on the market today with a broad spectrum of ingredients to improve joint health from every angle!


Red Horse Joint Support contains high quality joint support nutrients in high concentration and at ideal ratios. In this product we are proud to present what we believe to be the most concentrated yet affordable chondroitin and glucosamine joint support product available. Additional nutrients are included to protect, care for and increase the comfort of hard working joints.

Glucosamine is well known for its regenerative effect on joints. In Joint Support we combine it with chondroitin sulphate at the ideal ratio (2 parts glucosamine to 1 part chondroitin sulphate).

Hylauronic acid is added at high concentration along with vitamins, minerals and plant extracts to give a supplement that offers a broad spectrum of protection and care. Concentrated boswelia extract and MSM are included to help increase comfort in joints to aid your horse in moving freely and smoothly.

Comes in 1kg pots and 4kg tub

Whats in the pot?

A range of top quality ingredients at high concentrations, with no fillers or useless additives.

INGREDIENT Per 25g Total %
Glucosamine HCL 10g 40%
MSM 5g 20%
Chondroitin Sulphate 5g 20%
Avocado soy unsaponifiables (ASU) 1.5g 6%
Ascorbic Acid (vitamin c) 1.25g 5%
Boswelia extract 1g 4%
L-glutamine 300mg 1.2%
Glycine 300mg 1.2%
Glucauronic acid 150mg 0.6%
Proline 150mg 0.6%
Hylauronic Acid 125mg 0.5%
Glutamic Acid 100mg 0.4%
Bamboo silica 120mg 0.45%
Fillers 0 0%
Sugars/ sweeteners 0 0%
Hidden ingredients 0 0%

For comparison 1g=1000mg and 1%= 10g/kg


It is clear to see that Red Horse Joint Support not only has consistently high
concentrations of the more valuable ingredients (both MSM and glutamine are
useful but inexpensive) but is cheaper so can be fed at higher concentrations if

*Present in unspecified quantities
** Direct from supplier price 14/09/2015. Smallest pack size to largest. Where direct prices cannot be
obtained prices are from

OPTIUMUM CARE Daily Amount Scoops 1kg lasts:
Upto 300kg  20g 2 50 days
300-600kg 25g 2.5 40 days
Over 600kg 30g 3 33 days


MAINTAINENCE Daily Amount Scoops 1kg lasts:
Upto 300kg  10g 1 100 days
300-600kg 12.5g 1.25 80 days
Over 600kg 15g 1.5 66 days